The Second Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation was founded in 1962,is specially engaged in research of electronics equipment technology and development and manufacture of special production equipment of electronics industry. She has a high quality and high level research and developing workforce, and has integral manufacture ability of design, production and process, can provide integral service of electronics equipment process system for users.
    Over the last forty years, the Second Research Institute has achieved hundred of scientific research outcomes in the following fields: automatic technology, precision mechanics process, hot-working process technology and equipment, electronics assembly technology and equipment, powder metallurgy technology, electrochemical process technology, metal surface modification technology, liquid crystal production technology and equipment, electronics cleaning technology and equipment, chip component production equipment and so on. These products and technologies have been widely used, and have provided large quantities of equipments and process technology for suppoting military industry electronics and information industry developing of our country.
    Presently, the Second Research Institute has been proved to be a technical entrustment unit by Ministry of Nation Science and Technology for “liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturing equipment ”, “Non-ODS Cleaning System”which were listed in the 《Main Spreading Scheme of National Science & Technology Results 》 and has undertaken the project of “key equipment industrialization of new electronics component and device ” issued by Nation Planning Committee. The Second Research Institute is also in charge of Production Technology Branch of Electronics Association of China, Process Standardization Technology Committee of Electronics Industry and other technical activities as well as a unit of sponsor and publisher of Electronics Process and Technology magazine which is an excellent magazine of Ministry of Information Industry.
    The main research projects of the Second Research Institute are liquid crystal display production equipment, surface mount device (SMD) manufacturing and surface mount assembly (SMA) equipment, Non-ODS cleaning and clean equipment, vacuum treatment equipment, thermal working equipment, electroplating system, and powder metallurgy products. The Second Institute will continue to improve the style of its own in the field of electronics equipment and technology research further and weed through the old to bring forth the new to meet the market requirements of myriads of changes in a flash and continuous changes of the users, through persisting in quality principle of improving core competitive power and continuing to meet the requirements of users under the securing of ISO9001 quality system.

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